Saturday, 3 January 2009

More scrapping time!

I can't believe how much I have got done the last 2 days! This is my final entry to the Maybe babies CJ. This is 'Sounds of my Life'. It is an amazing book, am sure its owner will be very happy when they get it back. The sounds of my life are predominantly Meatloaf anf Musicals.

This is my Winter warmer recipe cared for the January Recipe Card Swap on UKS, it is for a lovely Farmhouse Chicken Casserole.

This is a LO of a beautiful Thistle that we came across whilst on holiday in Scotland. Green and purple are 2 of my favourite scrapping colours. This was the challenge for the 'UKS 2009: Scrap like you mean it' challenge - Favourite colours - Week 1.

Right no nore scrapping tonight am off to the neighbours for a knees up!

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