Tuesday, 13 October 2009

CJ's update

I was one of the last to get the 2000 CJ so many of the usual ideas for LOs had already been used. I decided to do a double LO about the Nobel Prizes that had been awarded in 2000. It was quite challenging to stick to the sketch and fit in all 6 winners and why they had won.

This is my entry for a Favourite Poems CJ, the owner wanted no 3D embellishments as she plans to store it on her bookcase along with her other poetry books. I chose one of my all time favourite poems, I first read this poem as part of my English Literature GCSE, but it has since become a firm favourite.
The Six O'Clock News by Tom Leonard is an unusual poem as it is written phonetically to highlight his broad scottish accent. The poem's focus is around why news readers do not have a accent. I love the simplicity of the poem and how truthful it actually is. It is set out in a long thin column to emmulate an auto-queue.
And last but not least, my Season's CJ has returned from its travels. There are some amazing LOs in it. Will photograph it when I get chance so you can all see the amazing job the girls did.

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