Tuesday, 2 March 2010

CJ Spoiler!

These are a couple of LOs done for Cleo Crafts CJs. The first one is about your favourite place to be. I found this quite challenging but decided on 'anywhere with guiding!' I have been part of girlguiding UK since I was 7 years old (as a brownie) and now I am a brownie leader and a senior section leader. I have had so many wonderful experience through guiding and have made some great friends! If its a guiding event then it will always be the best place to be.
This CJ was another hard one as it came with someones own photos. I chose 2 photos of a sunset which appealed to me as I do love a nice sunset! I left some room so she can add some journalling as I expect there are certain memories or feelings surrounding these photos.

Anyway that's it for me today I'm off to brownies to climb a church tower and play jenga! Happy Scrapping!


Jo Power said...

Ohh I have never scrapped someone elses photo's in a CJ but yours looked fab. xx

Sandra said...

I really like the fact you've left space for journalling when the cj gets to it's home - that's a really nice touch

Claireliz said...

Ooh gorgeous CJ, I've never done one yet