Monday, 5 July 2010

~ Its been a while...~

Well unfortunately due to some random shift patterns and the beautiful summer we seem to be having I have got very little crafting done. However, today I have begun creating July's layouts for Sketches:creatively yours and working on a cirlcle journal I am part of over on UKScrappers.

This weekend was full of fun and food!

My boyfriend and I went to see the new Twilight movie - Eclipse. I have read all the books and enjoy the films but really do not see the attraction to Robert Pattinson. There were girls walking round with t-shirts of him on. All seems a little sad to me, but then I never really was one to wear that kind of thing. All that aside  the film was still great, but as ever doesn't live up to the book.

For lunch on both Saturday and Sunday this weekend we ventured in to the world of sushi!

I'm becoming a big fan of sushi, especially in this warm weather, as its light, tasty and filling. I'm even converting my boyfriend who 'doesn't do fish'. Well hopefully I will have something crafty for you tomorrow so watch this space.

Thanks for visiting!


Debsg said...

I love sushi. My son went to Yo Sushi with his friend & friend's father - they spent £110!!!!

nerllybird said...

Yum! I luuuurrve sushi! Don't love RPatz much, tho, with you on that one!