Monday, 23 August 2010

~ A little organisation .. ~

Well as I mentioned yesterday its nearly time for Shimelle's Learn something new everyday class (LSNED) so I decided to join in but go for a small project and to get organised before it starts. So here goes...

So the mini book is going to be made from C6 brown envelopes with one side being used per day. I decided to make a template so I don't have to measure them each day to create a layout.

On alternate days (when the page includes the envelope opening) a card tag insert will also be included.

So to get organised I have already done my front cover, stuck the flaps inside some envelopes and cut out some tag inserts from cardstock.

Here is my front cover using up some of my kits from Cleocrafts. I am really looking forward to this class and hoping that Shimelle's class will give my mojo a massive boost, although it has been pretty good recently!

Happy Crafting!


Scrappy~Sarah said...

looks great. decided not to take part with this one as behind on the last 2 lol

Debsg said...

Wow. Looks fabulous.

Anonymous said...

Oh that is very, very nice! I learned something new today from you :)

Mary Anne

Sally said...

You are organised! Well done you and the front cover is lovely too!

Anonymous said...

The cover is beautiful. I know you'll enjoy the class.