Tuesday, 4 January 2011

~ Happy New Year! ~

Happy New Year!

Well sadly my Christmas posting didn't go quite to plan and life seems to be quickly swallowing up the new year. I'm in the process of house hunting so my free time is very much focused on that and my room is full of household items which makes getting to my craft desk very difficult. However, in my own house I will have my own craft room! I'm currently negotiating with my boyfriend that he can have a games room if we get a house with a conservatory.

Well my aims for the new year are:
  • To be more organised
  • To make better use of my free time
  • To apply for design teams
  • Complete my Scotland and India scrapbooks
Good Luck with all your resolutions!

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Sandra said...

I'm sure you'll acheive all your resolutions. Good luck too in the house hunting. The only thing I will say about a craft room, and this is just what I've found ... I love my room to bits, it's TOTALLY gorgeous LOL. But the downside is that I'm away from my hubby when I craft, so I would suggest maybe making a HUGE room you could both be in :) ... mind you, I think Hubby would mess my beautiful room up LOL.