Thursday, 31 March 2011

~ Lipstick, Powder and Paint! ~

Good afternoon! Well today I have been very productive, unfortunately not in a crafty sense. However it has been painting, gloss painting to be exact. I have decided that although I enjoy painting, gloss painting is just not for me! But it is for my craft room so I must continue.

However, on a crafty note:

Class no.1 from GogoGetaway March 2011

I have been wanting to scrap these photos for ages but just not found the right way, especially since my best friend has split from the fella she was with when these photos were taken. These photos were taken for at Epsom Derby, we went for her 21st Birthday.

Unfortunately the camera hasn't picked it up but the white card underneath the pink patterned paper was painted with white pearlescent paint so it shimmers in the light. A few pink spots were cut out then punched smaller to show the pearlescence through a little more.

Tomorrow mum and a friend are coming round for a crafty day so I'm hoping that I'll manage to get a few of the spare gogogetaway class kits done that I bought.

Happy Crafting!


Anonymous said...

Cute layout.

Sandra said...

Another lovely layout - like the way you're showing us one at a time, it's much nicer and we can really appreciate them. :)