Tuesday, 3 April 2012

~ Gogogetaway March 2012 - Class no.5 ~

As promised yesterday here is the final class from Gogogetaway no.8:

Class no. 5

'Cotton and Calico Chronicles'
By Sheena Rowlands

This is an absolutely gorgeous little book. Sheena made the canvas books herself. We created our own masks using a template and a sheet of acetate.

We placed the masks on the canvas and then sprayed mists over the top. We had to leave the books overnight to dry. In the meantime we created mini layouts which could then be stuck directly on to the pages when dry.

I cut out 16 leaves from patterned paper and then created a vein by sewing along the centre with brown embroidery thread.

I added some star embellishments from the thickers set. All items were glued on using Bostik.

I'm really pleased with how this class turned out. It is a bit different to what I would usually do but I thoroughly enjoyed it.

It's been a sad few days as I have been packing my craft room up ready to move house. On the positive side, I will still have my essentials to hand whilst I'm in limbo staying at my parents house.

Happy Crafting!


Sheena said...

Terri-Ann x
I'm thrilled that you loved this class
& your book looks fabulous.

was great to see you & your Mum again xxx

Sue said...

Look like a fun project- glad you had a wonderful time :) Good luck with the movex

fatmonica said...

It's a lovely book!Good luck with the move.