Saturday, 16 March 2013

~ Perfect 10 ~

The final challenge was posted on the Scrapagogo clubhouse ready in preparation for next weekend (thank you to Janice for posting it a day early so I could complete it). As the theme is 10 for the getaway we had to think about something that was perfect to us (and if pretending to be a judge on strictly we would give it a 10). We also could only use 10 items!

I used a photo I took on my iPhone and altered on Instagram of the afternoon tea I had at a local farm shop with my friend. I absolutely love the quirky little tea cosy!

I used 3 pieces of patterned paper, 2 paper clips, 1 photo, 1 tag, 1 alphabet, 1 badge and 1 hybrid printed item.

Here's a sneak peek before the weekend:

1 comment:

Bev said...

Can't wait to see all the finished items on Friday. Challenge 1 done, now got to think about my badge!!