Thursday, 23 September 2010

~ LSNED - 10th September ~

On friday 10th september I went to my friends straight from work (i.e 9.30pm) and we had a chat and a cuppa. Although we only had about 1 hour together it was priceless! She moved to Middlesbrough for her teaching job so is 2 hours away now. I really miss her being around sometimes, so when we get the chance to spend even a little amount of time together we make the most of it.

I'm hoping she's going to be spending a little more time down here in the next few months as she is getting more invoved in guiding.

I knicked this photo of her from facebook, am sure she won't mind.

Happy Crafting!


Sandra said...

what a lovely layout, and about someone so important in your life

Scrappy~Sarah said...

such an important thing to know :) lovely page

Bubbles said...

Lovely LSNED... Good friends are priceless :)