Friday, 3 September 2010

~ LSNED - 2nd September ~

Day 2 in Shimelle's class has taught me that when trying to be extremely organised by starting your xmas shopping now it is vital that you plan ahead and create a list (or download an ipod app!) to ensure presents aren't duplicated. The photo is of some of the gifts I gave last year.

I wonder what today will bring!


Scrappy~Sarah said...

I swear by my list for Christmas, I have an excel file :)

Devon said...

Thats really nice :) cool x

Debsg said...

Off in search of an i-pod app! I always lose gifts I buy early!

Bubbles said...

another lovely page... your book is coming along nicely :)
My Christmas lists consist of about five notepads with hastily scribbled notes to myself next to illegible names of recipients *lol* I always start shopping early - and I really should make better lists, as I wrap as I buy the pressies.