Thursday, 29 September 2011

~ A creative obstacle ~

Well I can't get on for trying...I have recently had plenty of time to do some crafting since I have taken some holiday before my operation, however there seems to be a big obstacle which seems to appear every time I get comfortable in my craft room...

This is my 16 week old kitten Oscar. He likes to sit on my knee whilst I'm trying to craft. But by doing this I can't get my knees under the desk. I almost squashed him the other day when he crept up and laid behind me on the chair.
What obstacles do you have to your crafting?

Happy Crafting! 

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Bubbles said...

Oh, Terri... what a gorgeous obstacle to have!
CallieCat LOVES to sit on paper - as long as she thinks you're about to use it/read it/need it. She also likes to sit on the computer. Or have cuddles... or mewls plaintively for attention. Failing all that, she'll wind the dog up by going outside and howling from the other side of the catflap so that the dog HAS to go outside and find out what all the fuss is about *lol*
Course... right now I'm just too busy looking at kittens to do any crafting :)