Friday, 7 October 2011

~ Starting to take shape ~

I can't believe it is almost a week since I last blogged. The time seems to have gone so quickly. Must admit I have managed to get a little crafting in - mostly festive stuff so I'll share that with you a bit later. Better not scare anyone too much with talk of the C word.

On a slightly festive note, my advent calendar is starting to look more promising than last week. I'm going to paint it green and then see where my inspiration takes me. My Christmas 'Lost and Found' patterned papers arrived and are gorgeous.

Happy Crafting!

1 comment:

Bubbles said...

It's the quality, not the quantity *lol*
It always amazes me when I realise I haven't blogged for a while... where does the time go? (obviously, spending time crafting and forgetting whta day it is doesn't help! *lol*)
Can't wait to see all your Christmas projects.
Oops... the 'C' word is out now... hehehe.