Wednesday, 14 November 2012

~ Cha Ca ~

Tonight the whole group (14 of us) went out to a local fish restaurant which serves only one dish - Cha Ca. Which is a speciality of Northern Vietnam.
It consists of fish that is fried at your table, then you add vermicelli noodles, peanuts, chilli, spring onions and dill. Then finally add a dash of fish sauce to the mix.

The restaurant was recommended by our tour leader and was well worth it. We enjoyed ample food and a drink each for the measly price of 170,000 VND (Approx £5). It was abit of a DIY meal as all the ingredients were in individual bowls, but that was ideal for me as it meant I didn't end up with too much green stuff!
Mum and I then enjoyed a cocktail and a milkshake in the hotel bar (which cost nearly as much as the meal!)
Busy day with an early start tomorrow so off to bed now and hoping the jetlag doesn't affect me too much.

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THANKS for posting I was wondering how you girls got on. Sounds like your meal is just like my card classes LOL at least you should be used to it. and as it was only £5 you shouldn't expect to have it cooked for you as well. LOL
Have fun sending you both love hope the jet lag don't bite xx