Wednesday, 14 November 2012

~ Good Morning Vietnam! ~

Hello there ... it's been a long while since I used my blog, not sure where the time has gone. I have just arrived in Vietnam for a touring holiday and am going to use this as a travel journal to try and jog my memory for when I scrapbook the photos. So if this is not of interest to you then please bear with me.
We traveled to Gatwick via train on Monday 12th November 2012 and stayed overnight at the Hilton. We then boarded a Vietnam Airlines Boeing 777 at lunchtime on the 13th November. The journey took around 11 hours and the highlight was the Vietnamese 'pot noodles' available.
On arrival at Hanoi we were met by our tour leader, Long and after a short bus journey we arrived at our first hotel. As the rooms were not ready to check in we all went for a traditional Vietnamese breakfast of Chicken Noodle Soup - I have to say it was gorgeous even though I wasn't hungry.
We checked in and settled in to our rooms. I checked the wifi connection was working. The hotel room is beautifully decorated.

After a short break we decided to go for a wander around Hanoi, starting with the Truc Bach Lake. It was very hazy and humid here. 

After we wandered the streets, practising our road crossing technique, as you simply have to walk out in to the traffic and keep going at a steady speed. So far so good.

Throughout the streets are little bird cages with finches dotted around on shop fronts and across pedestrian walkways. Not sure of their significance at the moment.

One thing is for sure, if living in Hanoi you must travel by motorcycle. Everywhere you go there are hundreds. You can't even walk on the pavement as they have them parked all over it.
Off for a traditional fish meal at 'Chaca' tonight.

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JEALOUS !!!! Looks wonderful xx