Saturday, 19 December 2009

JYC - getting there!

16th – Gift Exchange – This year I met my friends from university for lunch and to exchange our Christmas gifts. It was great to meet up with Tammy, Ashley and Angie because since we graduated and started working shifts its difficult to organise outings that we can all make. As usual we ended up at Frankie and Benny’s

17th – Full month of December planned out on a calendar sheet.

18th – Christmas Curry – Well dinner this year will be similar to that of last year, we will actually be having an ‘Asian Christmas dinner’ at our local Indian restaurant. They put on a fantastic spread of authentic Indian dishes and also a more traditional roast turkey. However, I actually prefer curry for Christmas!

19th – Dear Santa – To be honest there wasn’t really much I wanted this Christmas, so as I write this my main wish for Christmas day is to wake up in good health and enjoy the day with my family. I would like to have one worry free day where I don’t think about my health, work etc… and am able to just enjoy myself.

Thank you for all the wonderful presents in previous years


P.S I hope you enjoy your whisky and Rudolf enjoys the carrot!

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