Saturday, 12 December 2009

JYC update

11th – O’ Christmas Tree – My tree in my room is about 3ft high and artificial. I have decorated it for the last 2 years themed around the colours of my bedroom, teal and silver. I love the way the blue lights twinkle against the baubles and enhance the colours in the room.

12th – The Ghost of Christmas…

Past – Christmas has always been a time spent with close family and friends. As mum was always taken to her Nan’s on Christmas day she chose not to make me go, so we spent the day together at home and then in later years we went out for Christmas dinner with close family friends.

Present – This year will be the first year that my boyfriend has spent Christmas day with me and my family which will be great but also a little weird for me as I have never had Christmas morning with anyone other than my parents.

Future – Next year will be the first year when I have to work a shift on Christmas Day so I’m not sure exactly how Christmas day will work next year with present opening and dinner etc…

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