Tuesday, 26 October 2010

~ A couple more well on their way! ~

What a dull and horrid morning... only just got up as I now have blackout curtains in my room which mades it seem like its still the middle of the night... oh well.

After the success of my first matchbox advent calendar I have decided to make two more (one for myself and one for friends).

To be honest I have know idea what the papers are (I suspect they may have been a papermania pack) as I have had them quite a while. So the basic structures are made I know need to complete the decorations and start adding goodies to them.

I don't expect its going to brighten up so I may lock myself in my room and finish these projects - I have so many projects on the go I desperately need to finish them (haven't even finished journal your Christmas from last year...oops!

Happy Crafting!


Debsg said...

Dull miserable day here in Lancashire too. Great project.

Scrappy~Sarah said...

looking good :)