Monday, 25 October 2010

~ A First Attempt... ~

Good evening! Well today has been quite busy, not only have I been to work I have also helped mum prepare tea and been to the cinema to see 'Life as we know it'. Pop back later for my mini review.

Over the last couple of weeks my mind has seriously been in Christmas mode. This is my first ever advent calendar made with matchboxes. I saw loads of pics of them on peoples blogs last year and thought I really must give it a go. This one is for my boyfriend and I have already started filling it. If you have any ideas for the matchboxes please leave me a comment... apart from chocolates I'm desperate.

The papers are from a kit I bought from QVC a few years ago and the stickers are some I had left from last year. I'm really pleased with how it has turned out.

Happy Crafting!


misteejay said...

Lovely advent.

Choccies tend to be the easiest thing to think of but if you wanted to give something bigger that won't fit in the box you could always type a clue to a hiding place for something e.g. cinema tickets.

Toni :o)

Jules said...

Your box is fab! I'm not sure what else you could put in the matchboxes, my DH says he would prefer something like Haribo to chocolate but that's not particularly imaginative I'm afraid!

Kazy1 said...

I had a great time last year filling my shopping basket up at Hawkins Bazaar , they had loads of silly little things that fitted snuggly in the matchboxes! mind you it was for DD not DH, still he might like magnetic ladybirds or silly putty ??! karen