Monday, 24 March 2014

~ Final pre-getaway challenge ~

I must say I am really pleased with myself having completed all 3 pre-getaway challenges. The final challenge was as follows:

Pre-Getaway Challenge No. 3

In Mathematics, the No. 12 is a Sublime Number - so we feel it fitting to celebrate our 12th GoGoGetaway with a layout about something that you feel is 'Sublime!' and we would like you to use the word Sublime for your title.

The English Oxford Dictionary defines that 'Sublime' means:

Of very great excellence or beauty.

Producing an overwhelming sense of awe or other 
high emotion through being vast or grand.

No other rules! Just wow us with your 'sublime' layouts!

Here is a sneak peek of my final challenge:

I really enjoyed doing this challenge. I'm trying desperately to get my Vietnam/Cambodia scrapbook completed. Hopefully a few more layouts will be created at the weekend too! I can't wait.

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Bev said...

Had a lovely afternoon, all challenges done!!