Friday, 18 November 2011

~ First ChristmasTag ~

These tags had been hanging round my craft room half finished since last Christmas. I had covered them with some left over patterned paper but then completely lost my inspiration for them.
All of a sudden in the middle of September I found them out while having an 'I've lost my mojo' tidy of the craft room. This sparked me to dig out my box of Christmas goodies and get a little creative.
Admittedly they aren't the most skilled piece of crafting I have done but I really like their simplicity and more importantly I used up lots of old stash to make them. I attached the meal sentiment and poinsetta with silicone glue. Might put some faux stiching round the patterned paper can't make my mind up - what do you think? White or Black?

So since September their photos have been sat on my computer waiting for Christmas to hit the nation before I revealed them.

Happy Crafting!

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