Friday, 15 May 2015

~ India Part 2 ~

In January we spent 2 weeks travelling round South India and I'm ploughing my way through mountains of photographs that I want to scrap. I used my ipad to take a few photos and put them on instagram. I love the square 4x4 photos.
This is another sketch from the Gogogetaway weekend. India is the only place you can see cows roaming freely around cities and streets. However, it still managed to suprise me by finding a couple of cows laid on the beach. Totally random!

One thing I have learnt from my numerous trips to India is that I discover more about myself whilst I am there. I love their use of bright coloured fabric to make clothing and home furnishings. It is such a contrast to our love of black and brown. This layout show a photo taken in front of an elephant at the '5 Rathas' temples. These are vehicles used by Gods to transport them round.
Happy Crafting!

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