Sunday, 17 May 2015

~ Live to Travel! ~

Hi there, as you may have guessed travel is a huge a big interest of mine. I try to travel as much as my health will allow so I aim to cram as much in whilst I am well. Being a beach bunny does not appeal to me at all. I like to be out visiting villages, experiencing culture and enjoying amazing food!
I like to document both my trips and also my love of travel. These 2 layouts aim to do that. The layout above documents some of the places I aim to visit (I've already managed to accomplish a few on the list). We are currently starting to plan next years big trip, currently looking at Laos & Thailand or Trans Mongolian/Siberian Express.
I know a lot of people love their jobs and it is a defining part of their personality. But for me although I enjoy my job and it is a vocation I was drawn to it is not everything in my life. I don't have huge career aspirations, simply put I work to travel!
I hope you've been enjoying the posts over the last few days.
Happy Crafting!

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