Friday, 1 January 2010

New Years Resolutions!!!

To be honest I don't normally do new years resolutions because I am usually rubbish at sticking to things. But this year is going to be very different:

There are various different areas of my life which I intend to change, some much simpler than others as you will see, I have split it in to categories.

  • Get organised!
  • Start to make christmas cards much earlier, so they are not last minute (ie. August).
  • Make some homemade birthday/christmas presents.
  • Try to use each Cleo Crafts Kit every month so I don't get a stock pile.
  • Finish my Gambia, India and Scotland Albums.
  • Take part in as many Centenary celebrations as possible.
  • Make a Centenary minibook keepsake.
  • Think more positively!
  • Clear my debts and save for a house deposit.
  • Update my blog more regularly.

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