Wednesday, 6 January 2010

Well I ended up staying a work last night. I was on a late shift (13.30 - 21.30) then an early shift (07.00 - 15.00) so I decided it really wasn't worth struggling home with the weather just to sleep and then have to get up early to go back. It was definately the right thing to do but as it was a sofa bed it wasn't the most comfortable nights sleep. I had a very busy day at work as some staff couldn't get in because of the snow. Therefore, I'm very tired tonight, but I have had a quick snooze and am getting ready to go out to the pub!

I have ordered an ATG Gun and 10 rolls of DST with my christmas money. I can't wait to get it, everyone on UKS seem to swear by it. Look forward to receiving it and playing!

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