Thursday, 3 June 2010

~ CC Mystery Kit ~

While looking through photos on my computer I realised that I had never blogged my creation using the mystery kit from the Monopoly CC. So here goes:
This mini book details mine and my boyfriends plans and buys for moving in to our own home in the near future. It all started when we went to Bakewell shopping and spotted these gorgeous Luminarc Red Drip Glasses.
Since then we have both been hooked on buying housey things! We even made up a list!
The kit was from Sarah's Cards Ltd and I must say that I absolutely loved it! The colours were so bright and vibrant!
Since then I have been asking for household items from family for christmas and birthday gifts. My Auntie bought me a lovely hob steamer.

We have bought quite a few items from ebay including a Royal Doulton Kettle and Toaster.

I even had items of thali dishes (indian crockey) posted from Pune in November when I was away on holiday. It weighed a ton! Not cheap to post either!
When all is said and done what I really need is one of these! A big money tree!


Debsg said...

Fab project. Love the splodges!

Linda Elbourne said...

Wonderful work ... the colours are fab and I want one of those money trees too :0)

Lorna :o) said...

Love this, so colourful and fun. I'm addicted to eBay LOL

Claireliz said...

Fab project :)I also need a money tree lol

Sandra said...

It's fabulous, you'll love looking back at this mini book when you have the home of your dreams.

Paper thoughts said...

If you find a money tree send one my direction too :)
Lovely bright book , well done x