Sunday, 28 February 2016

~ Life on the Backwaters ~

Today I was woken up from my post night shift sleep by my neighbour playing the drums. As you can imagine I wasn't impressed especially as I'm working again tonight. I decided to use the extra time wisely and retreated in to my craft room to play with pretty papers. 

Over on the Like For Ever Subscribers Facebook group Nicola had set us 2 different challenges. There was another Tic Tac Toe challenge and the fortnightly Sunday challenge. For the Tic Tac Toe I chose a diagonal line (stamping, coloured cardstock & thread) and the Sunday challenge was to use a colour you wouldn't normally use (Green).

I'm starting to pack for a couple of upcoming retreats so most of my kits and up to date stash is in a box ready so I'm challenging myself to use my other stash to make a dent in the increasing piles. I'm really pleased with how this layout turned out, especially because I was tired when making it and didn't use a sketch or anything as inspiration.

Off to work now, hopefully it won't be a long night!

Happy Crafting!

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Kerry said...

This is a lovely page Terri and green is one of those colours I rarely use. Can't believe you have started packing for the LFE retreat already, I have just started packaging my pillow presents but that it! Hope you get a good sleep today. xx