Tuesday, 10 May 2016

~ Week in the Life - Monday ~

Good evening! So here we go with my first attempt at Ali Edwards 'Week in the Life'. It's a great week for me to do as I'm working a mix of nights and days so it really captures my life.

Happy Monday 9th May 2016!

Normally I would have a lie in on the day of my first night but as we are having a conservatory built we have the electrician coming for 8am so I needed to get up early. Millie and Oscar can often be found snuggled up with us when we wake in the morning.

Whilst the workmen are here I'm enjoying my second cup of tea and catching up on some television. We rarely watch anything at the 'correct' time. We Sky + everything and watch it when is convenient, This for me is usually in the morning with my breakfast or a cup of tea. I love a cup of tea so am going to keep a count of how many I drink over the week.

The builders and electrician had finished so it is time for me to do some laundry. The weather is gorgeous here today with temperatures up to 25 degrees. I really would have liked to be able to sit out in the sun but my garden looks like a building site.

One of the more recent changes to my week is trying to plan our meals and write a food shopping list. I found that if I don't do this I visit the supermarket numerous times in the week and spend way too much money. This has been a great money saver (which I can then spend on stash!).

Today I headed out to both Morrisons and Aldi supermarkets to get my food shopping. This is my ideal way of shopping but I don't often have time to do this and end up doing an online ASDA delivery late at night. I do love that I can get my food delivered for £1 at some daytime slots.

Off to bed for my pre night shift sleep. Unfortunately just as I put my head down on the pillow the neighbours started to mow their lawn! This is just typical when I had to get up early. I did manage to get a little sleep.

Up post snooze and it's time for more laundry. This time I can't be bothered to change out of my pyjamas.

Our early evening routine is for me to have another cup of tea and for the boy to have a frothy coffee. Its a great time for us to sit together for a few minutes and swap stories from our day.

Often Oscar comes to join us too. He loves a cuddle.

The final photo I have to share is from the tea I made for us. The boy ate his and I took mine for my supper at work. I do enjoy salad but it doesn't often agree with my stomach. I absolutely love this new find from Aldi, its their Italian Ham selection.

Finally I headed off to work for my night shift. As I work in a hospital I am unable to take many photos and those that I did take I am going to keep private. Last night (up until midnight) was pretty unremarkable at work. It was nice to see some of my colleagues as I have been off work for a week.

I hope you are having a good week and those who are joining in this week are enjoying documenting their stories.


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Bev said...

Very impressed with all those photos and your productive day x