Tuesday, 17 May 2016

~ Week in the Life - Saturday ~

Hello Weekend! Although I am working a 12 hour shift tomorrow so only really get one day and this week it isn't really any different to others in my week except we have no builders on site. The plaster should have been here but is behind on jobs. To be honest its a nice break from all the banging and mess.

This morning started off the way most mornings do. It's a rubbish photo but I was half asleep and wanted to show where the cats were on the bed. Right between the boy and I.

It was an early weekend get up for me as I had to go to my Girlguiding First Response refresher course in town. This is a first aid course that should be kept up to date every 3 years. It was a mix of practical and theory. There were only 5 of us and it was nice to see some other leaders that I haven't seen in a while.

Breakfast was a no go for me this morning as my injury from last night (head back to Friday to see what I did!) had swollen up and was too painful to eat. I grabbed a cup of tea in my travel mug and off I went.

By 12 I was starving and I had some errands to run. I decided to have a little treat as my lip was less painful and McDonalds is in the supermarket carpark and has Wi-Fi. It means I can eat and sort emails. If this meal is not my main meal of the day I usually opt for a kids meal so I get smaller portions. 

A quick trip round the supermarket to get essentials (plus pretty flowers). There were some discounted overripe bananas so I grabbed them and some chocolate buttons to make a cake for work tomorrow. I'm desperately searching for Peking Duck flavoured Kettle crisps. Amanda (@thenicethingsfairy) over on my Instagram feed showed them last week but I am yet to find them.

The boy is off playing cricket today as he will be doing most Saturdays from now until the autumn. Sometimes its nice to have time to myself but on weeks like this one where we have hardly spent time together it would have been nice to have the afternoon to go out for a walk in the spontaneous sunshine (it wasn't forecast).

 Back home it's time to crack on with the cake. This is such a simple recipe that one of my student nurses gave me. It's light and moist and keeps well for a few days (not that it will last that long at work!).

Time to relax whilst the cake is in the oven. It takes about 1 hour to cook so its not quick to bake. I've just started watching 'Lucifer' on Amazon Prime Video. I like to watch my iPad whilst I'm crafting but this time I'm enjoying it with a cup of tea.

A few chores and getting dinner ready for tonight.

Tonight we had a night in watching the Eurovision Song Contest so I've made chilli topped nachos for tea. I made the chilli ahead of time and double the quantity. I often make double the amount so we can eat it later in the week. It is ideal for when I'm working so I can heat up a 'proper' meal at lunch time and snack in the evening when I get home late.

We love watching the Eurovision! Some of the acts are bizarre and the commentary we have here which used to be by Sir Terry Wogan and now by Graham Norton is just hilarious. They don't take it too seriously, are very sceptical of certain countries scoring and make it all very light hearted (although secretly we do REALLY want to win!)

Cups of Tea = 4 , Total = 26

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