Friday, 13 May 2016

~ Week in the Life - Thursday ~

Hello Thursday!

The next few days are likely to be a bit hit and miss around here as I have the builders in doing the conservatory still. They arrive promptly at 8.30am so no lie ins for me.

We woke up to find that the dishwasher had not worked over night and the code meant it hadn't filled with water. I'm blaming the plumber from yesterday who had to pull it out to move our outside tap. This unfortunately meant that before breakfast I had a whole days worth of washing up to do. One of my least favourite chores.

Although last night I missed my Ranger Unit meeting due to falling asleep on the sofa post night shift, Guiding is a large part of my life and I have roles within County which mean I often have emails to read/send and meetings to go to. So this morning's aim was to catch up whilst watching some trash TV that doesn't require concentration. I'm this case it was the new series of Teen Mom 2. I can't help but love it!

My parents called round for a coffee and to see how the conservatory is progressing. Mum needed to go out and get some new shoes so we had an hours retail therapy which resulted in me buying 3 new tops in Next (oops!). But she did manage to pick up some flip flops. Only one of these I bought but I forgot to snap a pic of me trying them on.

My dad loves to take photos and always has his camera attached to his belt and today I go this lovely photo of him as he tried to take a photo of me when we were talking about 'week in the life' and I was taking photos of him with Oscar on his lap. I wonder if this is where I get my love of documenting life from and then the crafty side from my mum.

I'm a bit of a nightmare when it comes to eating at lunchtime as I'm not really a cold sandwich person. I often just have snacky bits at lunch but today I made myself a bacon sandwich with tomato ketchup. Yum! I don't know what it is about cold sandwiches that I'm not keen on, maybe its because I don't really like cold meats except cured ones and that I can't stand mayonnaise. I'm really not a fussy eater, there's just something about sandwiches for me. But saying that if someone made me one for lunch I would eat it.

Today the flooring and the roof went on the conservatory which means we are on the home stretch and is really just the finishing touches left to do (electrics, plumbing, plastering etc...). I'm so excited. The cats keep staring through the kitchen windows wondering what is going on. I'm sure they are going to love being in there.

The afternoon went pretty quickly by. I scrapbooked and had an unexpected nap whilst I waited for my Canon Selphy to print some photos. I desperately want to get started on my 'Week in the Life' album but am holding out to print them all online at the end of the week along with my holiday photos. I love spending time in my craft room, it is my little haven at the top of the house.

When it came to tea time I wasn't hungry so had a healthy humus and veg plate whilst catching up on The Scrapbook Process class by Shimelle. I'm really enjoying this class and the mix of PDFs and Video. It's really making me think about how I put my albums together.

So this is pretty much how my evening continues. Lots of Oscar snuggles, catching up with my social media and other people's WITL posts. I finished the night off by booking tickets for Disney on Ice - Frozen with an early bird offer for December. I am a bit of a planner and love to have things lined up to look forward to. Milk and cookies as a treat for supper as I had a light dinner.

I'm on my own this evening as the Boy is out with his family at a rugby league match. He doesn't go every week now that we have Sky sports as it is a good hours drive away. Some weeks are like this where we barely see each other but then others are very quiet and we spend more time together. I don't mind these weeks as long as we make time on a specific day to have some us time and we chat/text throughout the day. 

Cups of Tea = 4, Total = 18

Happy Crafting!


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