Thursday, 12 May 2016

~ Week in the Life - Wednesday ~

Happy Wednesday!

So again my day started mid way through my night shift.

One of my work emails highlighted that this week is 'Dying Matters Awareness Week' and as I work on a palliative care unit where death and dying is kind of our bread and butter I wanted to use this opportunity to highlight a great cause.

Because of the job I do I am very open about health, bodily functions and death however I am very aware that it is not everyone's cup of tea and here in the UK are often taboo subjects. The most important thing I have learnt is that death and dying is a normal natural process that everyone will experience therefore we shouldn't hide it away. 

I love my drive home, even on days like today when it's cold and wet. This country road is beautiful in all seasons and weathers. I can recall driving home one New Years Day and the fields were covered in a pretty crisp frost.

So today we have had the builder and plumber here to continue work on or conservatory which meant that I couldn't go to bed after my night shift. Occasionally I will go straight to the hairdressers but don't usually stay up at home. Thankfully I had arranged for my work friend to come round for lunch which kept me awake.

I made a kind of Antipasti platter for us to have for lunch and she brought a lovely key lime pie for dessert. I really like the cured and cooked Italian meats that you can get from Aldi at the moment. They are really good value for money and very tasty too!

Today was my first experience of acupuncture. It was a very different experience from anything that I have had before. It was a strange feeling to have heavy, achy legs caused by small needles inserted in to specific parts of the body.

On return home I was delighted to find that our conservatory has come on leaps and bounds today. We now have a frame and windows in place, hopefully the roof will go on tomorrow. It's so exciting and I can't wait to get it furnished.

The tiredness all got a little too much for me and I fell asleep on the sofa. Unfortunately this meant that I missed going to my girl guide ranger unit meeting. I wasn't needed but I had planned to go and see the girls so I'm a little annoyed at myself.

The acupuncturist did warn me that it can cause tiredness so I suspect that on top of not sleeping after my night shift it was pretty inevitable really.

The boy and I had a little dispute about what we were going to have for dinner. When I'm tired I really struggle with making decisions about what I want to eat and I can be very grumpy. However, one thing I have learnt is that there is always a time for cereal. 

I left him to his Liverpool Football Match and went off to bed.

Although before settling down I had to have the nightly game of 'pounce on and bite feet' with Millie. She usually sleeps amongst our feet at the end of the bed but does occasionally sneak further up.

Cups of Tea = 5, Total = 14

Happy Crafting!


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