Wednesday, 18 May 2016

~ Week in the Life - Sunday ~

Finally at the last day of 'Week in the Life'. I can't believe I have managed to stick with it and I am so pleased I have done. So much so that I'm hoping to be able to do December daily as December is one of my favourite times of year.

Back to Sunday, today is a little light on photos in view of the 12 hour shift I have worked. It's not a place I can really take many photos due to patient confidentiality but I have given it a go.

I forgot to take photos of my lunch but here is my favourite snack at the moment. These fried lentil salted snacks are lovely and reasonably low in calories when compared with things like nuts. I first had these whilst on holiday in India. You can buy small packets of these from many street side stalls for 5 rupees (100 to the £1).

When at work I spend a lot of time washing my hands. This is the first defence against infection spread in hospital and a fundamental nursing skill. 

Home from a busy day at work and I enjoyed a little tipple of my favourite spirit on the rocks.

Excitingly we are starting to plan our next trip. We are thinking of travelling to Uzbekistan in September and the tour we were looking at has 15% off which is good.

Cups of Tea = 5, Total = 31

Thanks for reading, I'm off now to order my photo prints ready to put together my album of this week.


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Bev said...

I am really impressed you managed to document a whole week and I am sure the album will be great